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In a single chair
By: Ana Luisa Anza

Perhaps the object that maintains a closer relationship with the human body in its everyday wandering, is the chair. While sitting in a chair we eat, chat, rest, read, work, talk, play and wait. The body gets comfortable or uncomfortable in them.

Like creatures of habit, the human beings have – maybe in an unconscious way – a favorite chair, the exact furniture in which one can be in a familiar environment. We make bonds with chairs, as we turn them into elements of our own sense of secureness, of our wellbeing, absolute queens of the space that becomes part of us.

What happens when that very same chair is taken out of its usual space as the only object at hand in an unknown landscape?

What happens when, also, we strip ourselves from the clothes that protect us in the unknown and we are asked to establish a relationship with our chair?

Naked from the clothes that cover us, set in a strange and austere landscape, with no more than a favorite chair moved out of it's everyday corner, human beings are defenseless before an eye that looks at them in their intimacy, always from the same point, with no more intention than to capture the phenomena that arises from the relationship between the body and the object.

Confronted by themselves, they take the chair and wrap within it, they protect themselves, they cover or they reveal, they integrate with it or distance themselves. With it they make a bond with the only thing that it isn´t neutral in this empty space: their refuge.