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God of thunders

The bicycle, a device that moves and turns constantly and which helps us to move from one place to another, has different uses. It has become a means of transportation, a working tool, a machine of physical rehabilitation, an element of recreation and fun or a sports equipment.

Since the times of Leonardo Da Vinci there are drawings about the bicycle, dating back to 1493. The Aztecs used this ancient invention to transport goods, according to the stories of writers from 'New Spain'.

One could ask why not even the passing of time or technological development have led to the disappearance of bicycles, which instead of falling into disuse could actually be categorized as the favorite toy for children. We all have used one in some moment of our lives and some of us keep on using them.

In these times where an awareness of pollution in the environment has arisen, the bicycle has gained even greater importance, becoming a symbol of health and commitment.

Why is it so important to learn to ride a bike when we are little? Could it be the security or the independence that it grants us, to feel free and in movement?

Through these photographs there is an intent to convey the very particular connection that different people have with their bicycle as part of their everyday life. That movement in a given time and space. The relationship between the object and the sensations that are felt, the posture of the body, the hands, the force that the legs can produce. The contact that there is with every part of the bicycle, becoming each time more abstract and making some kind of dance or painting of images in movement.